Prompt console window many times for cleartool when post-review and viewing diff on Windows 7

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also in google group:!topic/reviewboard/R1kiku5tIqQ

My Environment:

OS: Windows 7 32bit
Python: 2.7.3
Review Board: 1.7.2
Web Server: apache 2.2
Clearcase:  clearcase 7.1.2

I setup a Review Board server on Windows 7, and encountered a very strange problem,
each time when others doing post-review, viewing diff, etc,cmd console window will prompt
several times for cleartool command, It seems that each time Review Board calling cleartool,
a console window will prompt up.  But on another Windows XP OS, no window will prompt up.

Anyone also encounter the same kind of problem? and is there any way I can debug my RB server
so that I can find out the root cause?


Later I found out that the cause, the problem is the code to call cleartool.exe in reviewboard\scmtools\,
if add 'shell=True' paramter to all the subprocess.Popen(...), there will no annoying console window pop up.

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