FIx for issue 121. svn cp/mv not handled well by review board.

Review Request #367 — Created April 26, 2008 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


This is primarily a patch for - along with some relevant refactorings.

Changes include
 * Adding function handle_renames which acts like a filter to fix the svn mv/cp issue.
 * Changed convert_absolute_paths to return a list of results like handle_renames for consistency.
 * Made convert_absolute_paths ignore files which where already had an absolute path
 * added a function svn_info which converts the results of 'svn info filename' to a dict and refactored convert_absolute_paths to use it.
I hacked this together because I had a changeset which did do a lot of svn mv/cp. So thats how I tested these changes.

I also checked that it still worked on vanilla changes without svn mv/cp.
  1. This is mostly just nitpicking.  The implementation itself looks great.
    1. Nitpicking is good. Its all too easy to miss the little stuff :)
  2. It would be nice to give a little bit more detail here.  The problem is really that the diff contains parent revisions for the "new" files.
    Comments should also be properly sentence cased (start with a capital letter) and end with a period.
    1. Done - although it's a bit wordy (its late here in Australia...)
  3. Should be a space between the # and the comment.  Also should be capitalized/punctuated.
  4. Trailing whitespace.
  5. Space between # and We.  This should also be wrapped to 80 characters.
  6. This should also fix bug 288, right?