Add 2 new worker types to Reviewbot. CPPlint and CPPCheck.

Review Request #3579 — Created Nov. 29, 2012 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

This updates adds support for 2 new workers.
Cpplint and cppcheck.
This allows code style to be checked according to the cpplint rules (various configurable options available - not yet in the options).
It then checks the code using the static analysis tool cppcheck.
This will raise an Issue if it discovers and 'Error' otherwise just a comment.

Whilst developing this I added a few patches to the core functionality.
So the temp file now has a file extension (where applicable) - otherwise cpplint and cppcheck refuse to operate on the file (they want .c/.cpp/.cc etc)

I also found that multiple submits was getting multiple reviews - so I now stop this.

Other than that just a check in to check these programs are installed.

Have noticed %ORGANIZATION% still in the BSD headers - this needs to be changed to Ericsson Television Ltd
We have it running and seems to work ok.
Could so with some of the options being broken out and made easier to configure