Create a JSON API for publishing a review request

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Review Board SVN (deprecated)
Here's a third patch incorporating the changes you suggested. Yay!


Okay, I disappeared for 2.5 months. I'm sorry about that. Here's a patch that addresses your comments. Parts of it are almost certainly still not what you want. In particular, the PermissionError thing is maybe really dumb? Let me know and I promise to be more prompt with my next diff! :)


Right now post-review just uses the standard web form for publishing its reviews.  I would like a JSON API instead so that I can use it from my IDE plugin.

Possibly at this point it will be clear that I'm monkeying around with the internals of Review Board without understanding much of anything about Django or the other internals of the project.  If this patch is really stupid and it's clear I'm way off track, feel free to tell me to just leave it alone and I'll submit a feature request instead.

Oh, at the very least, I assume there should be some permission check before the JSON publish() method.  The delete() method, for example, looks for the 'reviews.delete_reviewrequest' permission.  I tried to figure out how that permission is defined and I failed.  I guess it's some Django functionality?  I have no idea.
I published some reviews with post-review, the web UI, and my IDEA plugin.