Be able to select both versions of diff to compare to

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Nico Schoenmaker
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Added a pulldown in "Changes between rX and", so you can compare any two diffs you want to pick. Saves a click.

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David Trowbridge
  1. I don't like this UI -- I think it's even more confusing that what we currently have.
    What I'd like to see is something that let you drag "from" and "to" selectors between revisions, including some sort of "upstream" revision (which is what would be selected when you're just looking at any revision by itself).
John Sintal
  1. Another thing that this UI takes away from the original implementation is the symmetry. So in terms of aesthetics, the original looks nicer. Perhaps there is a more consistent way to layout things such as David suggested.
Nico Schoenmaker
Nico Schoenmaker
Nico Schoenmaker
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