Upgrade jQuery and jQuery UI for Djblets. Fix inline editor and datagrid columns.

Review Request #3403 — Created Oct. 7, 2012 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




We've moved Review Board to jquery-1.8.2, which means we need to upgrade Djblets too. And that means we have to move jQuery UI up to 1.8.24.

And that introduces some breakage: the inline editors break, and the datagrid columns are no longer draggable.

This patch does the upgrade, and fixes those things.

More things might be broken, but we haven't found them yet.
For the inline editor, I made sure that both single and multi-line editors would "attach" properly (display the pencil icon), and reveal the appropriate input field when clicked. Then I made sure that entering some text, and pressing "enter" or clicking "OK" did the right thing (sent the review request modification query off, in my case).

For column ordering, I moved columns around, and ensured that they persisted when I refreshed the page.