Fix ClearCase unextend_path() on Windows.

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Fix ClearCase unextend_path() on Windows.

The ntpath in Python behaves in the following manner:
  >>> ntpath.join('c:', 'dir', 'file')

  >>> os.chdir('C:\\Windows')
  >>> ntpath.realpath(ntpath.join('C:', 'dir', 'file'))

  >>> os.chdir('C:\\Windows')
  >>> ntpath.realpath(ntpath.join('C:\\', 'dir', 'file'))

  >>> ntpath.realpath(ntpath.join('/', 'computer', 'share', 'file'))

  >>> ntpath.realpath(ntpath.join('\\\\', 'computer', 'share', 'file'))

The unextended_chunks[0] in case of repository on local drive is 'X:' where X is the drive letter, and in case of UNC path is '/'.
Change the unextended_chunks[0] so the returned realpath is correct.

This both makes the displayed path proper and resolves the "ValueError: Cannot mix UNC and non-UNC paths" when Clear Case repository is configured with UNC path.
Tested on production 1.6.11 installation.