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Review Board


We've internally created a "scoreboard" for motivating developers to review each other's code.
Would love to get this upstream if possible.
Attached diff works against 1.6.11, applied to latest git code, but untested against latest git code.

There may be some weirdness with accuracy, eg. a user who's stopped contributing never has their statistics updated, and shows up high on the list even though obviously hasn't done any reviews in the past month/2weeks, but generally gives a mostly/directionally correct stats summary, at least.


  1. Unfortunately, I could not test this with the latest RB version 1.7, but I think the idea for a scoreboard is fantastic. In my situation, it would let me know how many reviews other UCOSP students are doing, thus allowing me to gauge my performance relative to others. I think that it would motivate me to attempt more code reviews.
  1. I know this is quite old at this point, and I apologize for the lack of action here.
    I like the functionality but it's specific enough that we don't really want it in the core product. I think this would make a great extension.
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