Translating newlines to fix embedded carriage returns

Review Request #3208 — Created July 12, 2012 and discarded — Latest diff uploaded




A frequent, and especially troublesome to debug, cause for post-review issues
is embedded windows newlines. These are fine if they occur at the end of a
line, but when a \r isn't followed by a \n the patch command run on the
ReviewBoard host will usually choke due to misaligning line numbers in the
following chunks.

Pushed to the following branch...
Tested by making a perforce change riddled with erroneous windows newlines,
then posting a review for it (ReviewBoard wept bitterly when rendering the
diff, of course).

We've been using this change against RBTools 0.3. I've adapted the change
for the current master but this copy of it hasn't been exercised.