Add basic Git support (against an SVN remote only) to post-review

Review Request #315 — Created March 28, 2008 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


This change adds the beginning of Git support to post-review. Right now, it only generates diffs for repositories against SVN remotes and only generates a single squashed change rather than a patchset (as Review Board doesn't yet support this). However, it's a step. Additional features will likely require changes in Review Board, which may wait until 2.0. This does make my life easier now, though :)

We scan to see if this is a repository against an SVN remote and then generate a diff in the format that `svn diff` would generate.
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  2. /trunk/reviewboard/contrib/tools/post-review (Diff revision 2)
    What will happen if the code reaches here?  Should there be some sort of error or warning?
    1. It just won't return a valid repository and post-review will complain that it can't do anything with the tree you're in.
    2. OK, Ship it!