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This is a very rough implementation of the action feed using the django-activity-stream app (you can install it using easy_install, but please remember to run syncdb afterwards)
I sincerely apologize to everyone whose eyes started bleeding from the UI (can you tell I mostly worked in the backend?) - but I considered the functionality to be the important part for now.
For the moment, the action feed displays all actions performed by other users on the review requests created by the current user.

  1. Wow, quick start. Can you provide screenshots of this?
  1. Pretty neat!
    So, I read the Django Activity Stream documentation, and I glanced at the code, and here are my thoughts:
    1) It's actually quite nicely generalized. I've been burned a few times by bringing in libraries that turn out to not do what I thought they did (or not do them very well), so I guess that's where my initial resistance came from. A little "not-invented-here" crept in.
    2) The code itself (https://github.com/justquick/django-activity-stream) has seen activity in the last month, and there are quite a few contributors (https://github.com/justquick/django-activity-stream/graphs/impact), so I don't think we'd be bringing in a dead project, which is nice.
    3) It seems to do (or will allow us to do) exactly what we need it to do, unless I've completely misinterpreted the point of your project.
    So I think my initial resistance to bringing in this app was unfounded. It's got my vote if we want to bring it in.
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