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Several days ago, I ask if it is possible to put localization files in ReviewBoard project on Google groups, and got positive answers from you guys. ( https://groups.google.com/d/msg/reviewboard/Q2e8Vn0VnH4/GVvQ33jI5KsJ )

I have put my translations on Github, including the version for 1.6.6-release, the reviewboard Github 'master' and 'release-1.6.x' branch.
(Should I submit the diff file here? Which version of them should I submit? Or Both (master & release-1.6.x)? )

It's on https://github.com/linpc/reviewboard-localization-zh_TW ,
and I will keep updating the translations when the reviewboard github upstream updates.

Hope this information will be useful for you. :-)
I have applied the localization file on my own site successfully.
see: https://tbsd5.cs.nctu.edu.tw/reviews/
  1. I'm going to push this to the master branch. We've made a few additional pieces localizable, and we'll be working soon to figure out how to translate strings in our javascript code. Thanks for your hard work!
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