Restructure the media files to live in htdocs/media/

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This is part of a series of changes to restructure our media files.

We were keeping our media files originally in htdocs/images, htdocs/css and htdocs/scripts. This was fine for a while but it got more complicated with djblets. Since there just wasn't a great place to link to the djblets media files, we created links in the various media directories, which wasn't that manageable.

This gets worse with extensions. We'll need a place to install extensions and we don't have one right now.

This change creates a media directory in htdocs and organizes the files in there. The following directories are added:

htdocs/media/rb/{images,css,js}       -- Review Board media
htdocs/media/djblets/{images,css,js}  -- Djblets (via svn:externals)
htdocs/media/admin/{images,css,js}    -- Admin site (to keep things simple for people to set up)
htdocs/media/yui                      -- YUI media
htdocs/media/yui-ext                  -- YUI-Ext media

A large part of this change (which I've left out of the diff) is just moving the files around into the new directories.

The only potential problem with this is that Django by default wants admin media to be in /media. Because of this, some setups have their web server config pointing /media to Django's admin/media directory. This could cause problems, but it has to happen sometime, and it's better to do this before 1.0. An e-mail has gone out to explaining this and letting people know it's coming. Not all setups will be affected.

An accompanying change will be made in Djblets that just modifies two files to point to media/djblets/{images,js}/* instead of {images,scripts}/djblets/*. This is a very small change and not worth putting up for review.
All pages I visited load correctly with no 404s.
  1. Looks OK.
    1. I'm guessing that this change is why the SVN dump I grabbed today had broken a Makefile under /htdocs.  I had to go in and change all the references to their new locations.