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Print debugging info when a subcommand fails, even when ignore_errors is true.

Review Request #3003 — Created March 23, 2012 and discarded


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When a subcommand gives an error and ignore_errors is false, we die with the error output.  But when ignore_errors is true, there's no way to see the error output, even when running with -d.  This change fixes that but emitting the error output in debug mode.

I also changed the log messages a bit when running a command, to make it clear that we're running a subcommand.

(Note: for some reason, the diff doesn't apply cleanly, so if you click on the 'view diff' button you'll just get an error message.  But this is a small diff, so hopefully you can download the diff and apply the changes by hand, if you're interested in taking this change.)

  1. You'll need to discard this (shame, because there's a trophy), and post against the RBTools repository.
    You should be using post-review. Doesn't look like you are?
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