the update bubble will now distinguish between review requests that are updated, submitted or discarded

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The update bubble will now say a review request is updated, submitted or discarded instead of just say it is updated
Tested in Linux with Chrome 17 and Firefox 11
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  1. The only improvement I can think of is reducing repeated code by appending the statuses onto the string (after "Review request "), but this might be overkill for this situation!
  1. So, this gets us part of the way there, but what happens if you modify a review request that is already submitted?
    What this needs to do is check the latest ChangeDescription on the review request. If that latest one says that the status changed, then do this logic. Otherwise, fall back on "Review request updated."
    1. Currently there is not way to modify to a review request once it is submitted/discarded. So we can't really show the request is "updated" while it is already submitted/discarded. It would just behave as user would expect and show that it is submitted/discarded
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  1. This looks good to me.  Good work!
  1. Ship It!
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