Disable "Compatibility Mode" for IE8/9

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On current versions of Internet Explorer, ReviewBoard does not display correctly when running in "Compatibility Mode".  When running in the default "Standards" mode, everything looks and behaves as expected.

This simple change adds a meta tag to the default HTML template that instructs IE browsers to render the page normally instead of using Compatibility Mode.  Non-IE browsers will ignore this tag.

This problem was discovered while deploying ReviewBoard on my company's intranet.  Our publicly-facing website is horribly designed and IE will automatically enable Compatibility Mode for it.  Unfortunately, it does this by filtering URLs by top-level-domain, so sites on our company's intranet will also load in Compatibility Mode whether they need it or not.  I get a lot of frustrated comments from IE users when ReviewBoard doesn't seem to work correctly for them.  You can manually disable Compatibility Mode for a site but since you have to re-disable it every time you close and re-open your browser, it's not very practical.
My local RB installation has been running with this change for a while.  IE users report that the page no longer loads in Compatibility Mode, and users of other browsers (mostly Firefox and Chrome) haven't seen any change.
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