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Initial mock ups of how the reviewboard-social interface will look.

Screen 1: Review submitter will have the opportunity to click "Rate" after someone leaves them a code review.

Screen 2: A simple rating box will appear. Clicking on a star, lights every start before it. Mouse-over a start also temporally lights them up as well.

Screen 3: Clicking the expand button lets them be more thorough with the rating. If they have already rated this review at the top level, each rating in second level (white box) will default to the rating of the top level when they are revealed, or when the top level is changed.

Screen 4: The users average rating will be displayed on their user page.

TODO: How to show the detailed rating to the user.



  1. Hey Curtis, this is a good start.  I have a few other ideas / constraints for this project:
    1)  It is never mandatory to rate a review.
    2)  Ratings are mutable - a reviewee can change a review rating that they've given, however, ratings should become immutable some small number of days after the review request has been marked as submitted or discarded.
    3)  Ratings are only tabulated and calculated once they've become immutable, and not before.
    4)  Ratings are aggregated, to obfuscate which reviews they came from.  So, every X number of reviews, the mean of each rating criteria (or perhaps we use mode instead of mean) is given to the reviewers.
    5)  Reviewers should be able to see a "sliding window" history of their ratings, and drill down to track how they're performing for each criteria.
    6)  We might want to make the criteria customizable.  "Clarity", "Thoroughness", etc - only takes us so far.
  1. Curtis:
    So here's what I was envisioning for the rating interface - it's a little more integrated with the review box, and less a green floaty:
    Does that look feasible?
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