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Currently Reviewboard sends emails with a Return-Path of the current user. This is not SPF compliant, and as a result review emails will be rejected if a user's domain implements SPF with a reject all failed messages policy and a reciever checks SPF.

This corrects this by setting the From header directly instead, and passing the site default from email address as the Return-Path address.
This is needed on the KDE Reviewboard instance to ensure email delivery runs well.
Local development 1.6.x instance. From header is still set correctly, whilst Return-Path is now SPF compliant.
  1. Seems good
    1. Can someone please commit this for me, I have no commit access. I should note I recieved no email for the above review.
    2. What is the status of this being committed to Reviewboard's codebase?
    3. It needed a review by one of the core devs, and we've been out.
  1. Ship It!
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