New python API

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New API is designed to provide simple and efficient access to RB resources, it employs 'factory' pattern and code generation to parse resource JSON structure and make pythons objects on the top of it. The code posted here is not complete as it turned out that heavy changes that mostly have subjects to change are hard to review and redo.

Related discussion is here:

For a while there are no tests, so you can run this code
to ensure that the new API works:

from textwrap import wrap

from rbtools.api.server import RBServer
from rbtools.api.settings import Settings

server = RBServer('')
root = server.get_root()

width = 80
review_requests = root.get_review_requests()
for rr in review_requests:
    print '\n', (' ' + rr.summary + ' ').center(width, '='), '\n'
    for line in wrap(rr.description, width):
        print line

Corresponding branch is at