Fix an issue that editing an reply lead to multiple replies

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Not sure whether it is the right way to fix. Logically, user should not reply to the same comment again and again. If it is, then the latest reply should override the previous reply.
Manually and unit tested.

  1. I'm not sure this is correct. Can you give me the exact repro case? If we're talking new comments within the same draft, yes, there should be only one. Deleting is probably not what we want though. Rather, we need to fetch the right comment and update it, which is likely going to be partly on the JavaScript side of things.
    1. Hi Christian.
      This bug can be reproduced by reply -> OK -> edit -> OK -> published. Then multiple replies showed up. You can find the detail in the bug tracker. And yes, I am talking new comments within the same draft. I can do it in front end if you want, but possible much more code.
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