Fixed an auto-completer issue, which it didn't match extra parameter correctly

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By default, auto-completer used cache to match user's typed query. In general, it is good for performance. However, when extra parameter is used, auto-completer should talk to server to get the right result set, which means we should not use cache to match subset of query.
Manually tested.
  2. decrease server load and increase performance.
    (delete two "s"es)
  3. Your comment doesn't seem to match your usage of this option: both call sites use extraParams, yet one call site sets this option true, and the other false.
    1. Thanks for review. Here is my thought. The true option have been used for a long time and nobody complaint except this bug. I prefer to leave the other one as is even it is technically incorrect. The reason is the false option is a serious performance hit, since every keydown will trigger an database processing in the backend. 
    2. Maybe update the comment(s) to explain that?
    3. Yes, definitely.
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