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The .png file used for the default favicon does not show up in Internet Explorer 9 (neither in the address bar nor on bookmarks).  I took the .svg-formatted ReviewBoard logo and used Inkscape and IcoFX to create a .ico file containing versions of the ReviewBoard logo at various sizes (16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48).  This image can be used in place of the existing favicon.png and should enable Internet Explorer to display the ReviewBoard favicon in the address bar as well as in bookmarks and on the taskbar (when ReviewBoard is pinned to the taskbar in Windows 7).
These changes were tested on my local installation of 1.6 beta 2 (not re-built from source).  I personally validated the changes in IE9 and Firefox 4.0.1, and a colleague reported that Chrome handled the changes as well.
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You can revert this change. This line shouldn't even be in this file. Merging problem.

  1. Thanks for doing this. I was under the impression that IE handled PNG favicons, though. Used to work at least.
    You'll also need to include a version of the "new notifications" favicon (htdocs/media/rb/images/favicon_notify.png).
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    You can revert this change. This line shouldn't even be in this file. Merging problem.
  3. reviewboard/templates/base.html (Diff revision 1)
    Do you really need both? rel="shortcut icon" should cover both of these, since it's a list of rels.
  1. This looks good now, but it doesn't include the binary files. Can you either make this available as a branch on github or send me the files separately? Thanks!
    1. I just sent them to you via email
    2. Actually, attaching it as a zip file to the review request would be the best thing.
    3. I believe I made this request before we had attachment support on this server :)
      I've got the files. I can just do the push.
  1. Hi Ben,
    I've reopened and reverted this change, because the 16x16 icon is now incorrect. It's a scaled down version of the logo, but it shouldn't appear to be any different from the old icon. Is this something you can fix?
    I will admit, I'm a little hesitant to ship a Windows icon file at this point, given that we primarily develop on Linux and don't have tools for working with these files. Given that every browser except IE supports .png files, I want to prioritize the .png icon. It should take precedence, and we'll end up keeping that as the "main" icon and the .ico as the "fallback" for IE. This can be done by specifying two <link> icons in there, one which uses the png mimetype, and the other for the .ico.
    1. Ah what the hell, we'll go with it for now.
    2. I created the icon by taking the only .svg logo that I could find in the source tree, creating bitmaps of it at various sizes, and combining those bitmaps into a .ico format file.  It doesn't look exactly like the old icon, but I have the artistic skills of a brick and I couldn't find a way to re-create the old icon cleanly.
      I would recommend using the .ico file on Windows systems even on non-IE browsers (if there's a way to detect that accurately).  The reason for this is that it's used for more than just the favicon.  Windows also uses it for things like taskbar icons for "pinned" websites.  This requires having the icon available at several different sizes; the .ico file contains four different sizes of the icon but the .png only contains one size.  Windows won't use the .png since it knows that it will most likely look terrible when it tries to scale it up or down very far.
      If only everybody would agree to use something scalable like .svg, then this would be a lot cleaner...
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