Use --repository_url to override the git origin URL

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This patch allows the user to override the current git repository's origin URL by setting --repository_url.

We use this where I work with a custom ReviewBoard/Github:FI integration. We have canonical repos in Github that contributors fork. Contributors work in their fork while a script on the ReviewBoard server clones the canonical repo and adds a remote/fetches commits for every fork so that ReviewBoard has access to all commits.

The repository URL that our integration needs in order to use post-review is the canonical repo, and not the fork. --repository-url seems like a reasonable entry point to add this functionality.
In use in our organization by our engineering group.
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My help message editorialization snuck in while changing it for this patch, so I'm updating the diff to remove it. It wasn't particularly helpful.


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  1. Pushed with minor changes as d9abc18. Thanks!