fix stacktrace error when attempting to get perforce repository information

Review Request #236 — Created Feb. 12, 2008 and submitted


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While working to get post-review functional in our dev environment, I found the Perforce get repository information was through an uncaught exception while attempting to verify/parse the IP address of the perforce server into a name.

I believe the proper intention here is to let this pass undealt with and fall through to using the repository name provided by p4 info, as the patch above follows.
stopped the error traceback when attempting to verify the repo info. My environment - Win32, Python 2.5.1, Perforce 2007.3/143793
  1. This has been fixed in SVN for a little while now. Can you verify that the new post-review works?
    1. I was wrong. The change was in my tree but never was committed. Now it is :)
    2. Works beaut! Thank you.