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To simplify filtering of Review Board mails I prepend a configurable tag to the subject. E.g. [RB] Review Request: Re-worked flux capacitor 

Christian wrote an reviewboard-dev:
The HTML e-mail change seems good too. I think I'd also be fine with the 
customizable prefix, as long as it defaults to an empty string (since many 
people use it with listservs that may also have a prefix). 

  2. reviewboard/ (Diff revision 1)
    Having this in settings isn't actually good enough. This needs to be fully plumbed through the siteconfig/admin UI code so users don't have to edit any files.
    1. This looks like a lot of work because I don't know the siteconfig/admin code yet. 
      As I already gave up on integrating everything back into the main line I'm also fine with keeping the one as "local customization" as well.
      In my opinion this solution is at least a intermediate step into the right direction ... 
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