Add ability to change email address, password

Review Request #205 — Created Jan. 24, 2008 and submitted


Review Board SVN (deprecated)


For some reason the boss thought this would come in handy.

  1. While I think this is a worthwhile enhancement, it won't fit all use-cases.  In particular, the password change should only be allowed if the auth backend supports it (probably only for builtin-auth).
    Allowing email changes should probably also be configurable.  I use LDAP usernames, which have a 1:1 relation to email addresses, so I don't want users messing with this.
    1. Conditionalizing this on not settings.BUILTIN_AUTH would probably suit all those use-cases.
    2. I am not familiar with LDAP, but I have used Active Directory which is similar.  If I am not mistaken, RB is already LDAP-agnostic out of the box, or else we wouldn't be asking for First/Last name either, which are also controlled by such systems.  This doesn't change that.  I submit that making "my account" LDAP- or AD-aware is a separate change.
    3. Supporting BUILTIN_AUTH is sufficient. This will need to go in before we can submit this though. Since Review Board SVN is what everyone uses for Review Board right now, we try not to commit things that can break on some setups until the final pieces are ready to go in.
    4. > This will need to go in before we can submit this though.
      Sorry, what is the antecedent there?
    5. These fields need to be shown only when settings.BUILTIN_AUTH is True.  If it's False, we don't want to show any of them or validate/set the fields.  You can probably pull the full-name fields into this check too.
    6. updated.
  1. Aside from some tiny bugs/style issues, this looks good.  Committed with minor changes.  Thanks!