Update the RB.ReviewRequest code for the web UI to use the new API.

Review Request #1968 — Created Dec. 4, 2010 and submitted


Review Board


This updates the RB.ReviewRequest object in JavaScript for the new API.

One of the new key concepts in this change and the upcoming changes
is the introduction of a new ready() function for the objects. This works
just like jQuery's ready() function. Any call that operates on a
RB.ReviewRequest should wrap it in a review_request.ready() call. This will
guarantee that the state of the review request has been loaded. This may
include some variables, child hrefs, and more.

ready() will only perform a load of the resource the first time it's called.
As a whole, the combined commits for the overall webui change pass most unit tests. The remaining ones are still being looked at, but are not relevant to this particular change.