Add configurable site information and message of the day to the page banner

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I need to display a message about the terms of use on every page, so I modified the banner to put a block at the right end (the text that begins "All submissions to this site..." in the attached screenshot).

I also thought that it would be useful to be able to add a message-of-the-day to all pages for alerting users to things like upcoming deadlines or service outages, so I added that centered below the banner (the text that begins "This site is not yet operational..." in the attached screenshot).  
Not enough.

I know... but I don't have a development environment set up yet.  Work (including getting my reviewboard site into production) is probably going to keep me from getting that set up in the week I have before my vacation, so I thought I'd get these posted in preliminary form now.

The changes to the html layout and css are equivalent to ones I've made by hand to the templates on my site, but I hard-coded the messages (using {% include ... %}) instead of getting the values from the database, so I am confident that those are ok.

The changes to add the new settings for the message content are purely guesses based on looking at other fields and the Django documentation.
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