Added R, Shift-R shortcut keys to diffviewer.

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Added R, Shift-R shortcut keys to diffviewer.

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    Hm - I can see this going awry.  Maybe a confirm dialog should come up on this, like with our one-click ship-it feature?
    1. Definitely. Too important an operation to not confirm.
    2. Hi, thanks for taking a look. If you just hit 'r' it won't trigger the publish; it will bring up the dialog. The point of 'R' - which requires that you hold shift - is that it expediently publishes a "Ship It!"
      For what it's worth, this has been working great for us (as well as another company that we've shared our patch with), and we can't imagine living without it. The vast majority of our reviews are no-comment "Ship It!" reviews, and the point of 'R' is to drastically reduce the number of clicks, mouse moves, tabbing, etc. we have to go through (even when using the one-click "Ship It!" button). My hunch is that it's one of those things that would be preferred in the majority of small team projects, but in larger projects (or at least ones with more "process") I can see this being "too dangerous."
      Anyway, if you still really feel it's too dangerous, then I guess the best option is to drop this patch? I'd be lying if I said that wouldn't make me a bit sad, since we were hoping to avoid maintaining our own patches and re-applying them every new RB release. :)
    3. Let me know if I should drop this. Thanks.
    4. Let me know if I should drop this and maintain our own patches outside of RB. Thanks.
    5. I think it would be fine as long as it has a quick confirmation dialog. Have you seen the "Ship It" button in 1.6 beta 1?
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