[RBTools] Brand new Clear Case implementation

Review Request #1843 — Created Oct. 18, 2010 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded




This is new, wrote from scratch Clear Case implementation which provide new functionality and fix old issues:
* recognize view type
* remove necessity of using xargs trick to send review
* pre-review all CHECKEDOUT files in view - just run "post-review" command
* post-review all changes made on branch passed as --tracking-branch
* post-review custom revision range passed as --revision-range
* remove useless --label option
* simple command "post-review" at least generate diff of CHECKEDOUT files
* fixed "\No new line at end of file" workaround
* diffs generate properly under windows
* no cygwin required
* Make use of diff instead broken unified_diff Python implementation where it is important
* Handle binary files
* Updated documentation
* Tested

* Need tests after changes