Fix syntax error in, and move extension_resource instantiation

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Un-doing some damage I inserted into the code.  Not sure how it slipped under the radar, but there was a double-comma (and a line over 80 chars) in the ExtensionResource import.

Also, the RootResource refers to extension_resource, which therefore needs to be instantiated *before* RootResource.  So that's why I moved it.
Manual.  Things all work nicely again.
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    I feel like this would all be prettier if you wrapped after "import" and indented 4 spaces.
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Thanks for the review.  Wrapping after import, and indented 4 spaces.


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  1. Looks good. Do you have push access to the main repos yet?
    1. Nope - if you're OK with giving it, my Github account username mikeconley.
      Let me know if you're cool with me pushing.
    2. I've enabled you to push to the reviewboard and djblets repositories. Please merge this to master and push it, and then close it out as submitted :)
    3. A couple notes there. It's nice to have a well-structured change history. A small fix like this should be collapsed into one commit that lives in master (not worth having merge history there). Large designs with several organized commits (rather than random "Fixed this..", "Fixed another thing", "Tweak", etc.) can be merged into mater, but it's also nice to have a custom merge message describing it as if it were a single commit.
      In both cases (single commit on master, merged commit message), please append the following to the message:
      Fixes bugs #123
      Reviewed at http://....../r/123/
      Of course, leave out the bugs thing if there are no bugs. The URL for the review request should be the review request itself, not a diff or anything.