Improve the process of saving changes to a review request and add new banners

Review Request #181 — Created Dec. 1, 2007 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board SVN (deprecated)
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Improved the general usability of editing drafts. Previously you would have to hit OK on each field you modified (or hit enter) before you were to click Save, or you would lose the modifications to the fields. Now, the OK/Cancel buttons for single-line fields have gone away. Users can just click enter to save the field.

If the user doesn't save the fields but instead clicks Publish, the fields will all be saved before the draft is published. If the review request is not yet public, this will also publish the review request. This gets rid of the "Publish" link at the bottom of the review request box.

New unpublished review requests are marked up as drafts and will get a draft banner.

The buttons on the draft banner are now more specific. "Save" was renamed to "Publish Changes" and the "Revert" button is now "Discard Draft" or "Discard Review Request" (depending on whether this is a draft to a published review request or an unpublished one).

There are new informative banners for submitted and discarded review requests, offering a button for reopening the review. This replaces the "Reopen for Review" link in the bottom of the review request box.

Another small improvement is that the text area grows along with the user's input, just like in the review dialog.
Tested that the buttons work in the draft banner, both when the review request is published and when it's not.

Tested that submitting and discarding the review request cause banners to appear and that the "Reopen for Review" button works.

Tested that I can modify fields but not save them and that clicking Publish Changes saves all the fields before saving/publishing the draft.