possible security bug: empty password accepted for LDAP login

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Review Board


This is a copy of the text I sent to reviewboard-dev.


Let me preface this by saying that I'm not particularly knowledgeable
with regard to ReviewBoard, Python, or LDAP. My diagnosis may be
incorrect, but I thought I should report this in case it is of any use.

I noticed this behavior on ReviewBoard-


I tried to confirm the problem with 1.5rc1, but I had trouble installing
it on my workstation and didn't want to spend too much time going down
that path; I did examine the relevant code, though, and it doesn't seem
to have changed at all between 1.0.5 and 1.5rc1.

The problem:

When I set up ReviewBoard to use LDAP authentication, and then try to
log in with a valid LDAP user and an empty password, the login succeeds
(using an invalid user or incorrect password fails as expected). I
looked at some packet dumps and determined that ReviewBoard was sending
an LDAP BindRequest with simple authentication and an empty password.
The LDAP server was returning success, which seemed odd, but appears to
be part of the specification:


   An LDAP client may use the unauthenticated authentication mechanism
   of the simple Bind method to establish an anonymous authorization
   state by sending a Bind request with a name value (a distinguished
   name in LDAP string form [RFC4514] of non-zero length) and specifying
   the simple authentication choice containing a password value of zero

   The distinguished name value provided by the client is intended to be
   used for trace (e.g., logging) purposes only.  The value is not to be
   authenticated or otherwise validated (including verification that the
   DN refers to an existing directory object).  The value is not to be
   used (directly or indirectly) for authorization purposes.

   Unauthenticated Bind operations can have significant security issues
   (see Section 6.3.1).  In particular, users intending to perform
   Name/Password Authentication may inadvertently provide an empty
   password and thus cause poorly implemented clients to request
   Unauthenticated access.  Clients SHOULD be implemented to require
   user selection of the Unauthenticated Authentication Mechanism by
   means other than user input of an empty password.  Clients SHOULD
   disallow an empty password input to a Name/Password Authentication
   user interface.  Additionally, Servers SHOULD by default fail
   Unauthenticated Bind requests with a resultCode of

I have attached a patch which seems to solve the problem.

Tested with ReviewBoard- (I would test current git, had trouble setting it up).