Correctly mark revision as UNKNOWN for mercurial mqueue patches

Review Request #1712 — Created July 13, 2010 and submitted


Review Board


Patches that come from mercurial mqueues do not have version information on them, so the revision parameter comes as an empty string, when it should be marked an treated as UNKNOWN.

This fixes an issue that ReviewBoard would always fail to accept a patch from an mqueue, saying that the repository didn't contain the file, even when it did.
No regressions, and fixes reported issue.
  1. Is there a bug associated with this?
    1. No, as it was reported via IRC, and I tested with the patch the user was having trouble with.
      This issue will always appear with patches created from mqueues.
      Would you like me to open a bug on Google Code so this fix can close it?
    2. No need, I just wanted to know what "reported issue" meant, since I couldn't find anything related.
  1. Looks good. Commited as ead5514. Thanks!