Put enabled extensions into INSTALLED_APPS on init

Review Request #1623 — Created May 31, 2010 and discarded




In order for the Egg Template Loader to load templates from extension eggs, we must add the extension app_name to the INSTALLED_APPS list.

In order for Review Board to take advantage of this, "django.template.loaders.eggs.load_template_source" must be added to the TEMPLATE_LOADERS in settings.py.  I've made that change here:  http://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/1625/

The parent for this patch is still under review here:  http://reviews.reviewboard.org/r/1618/
Tested manually, and I can now pull up templates stored in extension eggs.
Review request changed
Change Summary:
Adding the appropriate review group.
  1. Looks fine. I'll get it in once the parent change goes in.
    My only potential concern is just that we force django_evolution to the bottom of the INSTALLED_APPS list to work around some issues caused when doing an initial syncdb. That may not bite us here, but it may.. I don't know. If it would, it'd be when doing an initial syncdb of a new app. I think though that it's only an issue if also doing an initial syncdb of django_evolution. We'll just have to keep an open eye out for issues, but it's probably okay.