Move initialize past the reviewboard url route definitions

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Review Board


It's a tiny change, but it makes a pretty big difference.

Here's the story:
- When RB inits, it registers all of the url route patterns in reviewboard/ (and the other's)
- When an extension is activated with RB already init'd, it augments the current set of registered url patterns.
- When reviewboard/ is run *again*, with the extension registered as activated, the extension is started from a call within initialize()
- The extension attempts to augment the url patterns again, and then freaks out, because the *url patterns haven't been registered yet*.  This causes throws the following error "The included urlconf reviewboard.urls doesn't have any patterns in it"

So my solution is to just move initialize() past the url pattern registration.
I've got 4 failing tests - but these tests were failing before I made any changes.  Here's the test output:

Looks like the old reports stuff (which, coincidentally, has been bundled into the extension I've been experimenting with) isn't working properly.  Hmph.
  1. Looks good, thanks. Committed to extensions (4848028)