Add --git-patchset option

Review Request #1472 — Created March 11, 2010 and discarded

Add --git-patchset option

This option will generate a series of review requests, one for
each git commit in the current branch since the upstream merge
This patch was used to generate the review request for itself :)

I also tested it with a five-patch series I had in my own personal git repo for another project.
  1. Would also be great if you could add a test case :)
  2. rbtools/ (Diff revision 1)
    Should probably make these into methods now that they are used in multiple places (also in guess-summary, guess-description)
    1. Will do. New patch forthcoming.
  3. rbtools/ (Diff revision 1)
    It doesn't look like this is used anywhere and I'm not sure what its purpose would be? Can you explain?
    1. Whoops, this was part of a separate patch I was working on. That shouldn't have been part of this diff. I will remove it in the next version.
  1. RB doesn't seem to like the new diff... did you use your post-review to upload it? :)
    1. No, I just updated the amended git diff by doing 'git commit --amend; git format-patch -1' and then uploading it via the "Update Diff" link on the review.
      Is that the wrong way to do it? Was it supposed to be a follow-up diff, rather than a replacement?
      I just used my patch to submit a brand-new review request ( ) which seems to have worked just fine. Maybe I just don't understand the workflow for updating diffs.
    2. There aren't any SHA1s in that diff, so Review Board can't access anything. Best to use post-review or git diff --full-index.
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