ReviewBoard: newlines and formatting are not preserved in HTML emails

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Comment, and reply-to-comment, emails were badly formatted because text comments were enclosed in <p> </p> flags.  I replaced them with <pre> </pre> pairs, as done in the Web pages already.

You would have to format a comment as
 1. One
 2. Two
to see the problem.

Without the fix, the comment is rendered as a single line: 
1. One 2. Two    2.1    2.2to see the problem.

(Sorry, I think I discarded this review request by accident).
Tested on staging and production servers.  Emails that are sent are now using <pre> pairs, and they are nicely formatted in Outlook 2007.

However, on Outlook 2003, long lines are are not wrapped.  So long comments may require to scroll right and left.  I guess it's Outlook 2003 not handling <pre> correctly.

I checked various browsers, and they would wrap long lines even within <pre> tags.  So they behave well, as Outlook 2007.
  1. I just noticed this problem myself. The change looks okay to me. This will also make the email look more like reviewboard.
  1. Thanks, looks good. Committed to master (fc85106)