Show the File Not Found error when uploading diffs.

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Show the File Not Found error when uploading diffs.

The Upload Diff dialog wasn't showing the File Not Found error. We were
only showing form errors. Now we will show any error message we get, and
have a mechanism for having the object we're working on provide us with
a more detailed error message based on the returned data.
Tested it with a diff referencing a file that doesn't exist.
  1. Does this deal with issue 583 or is this code path only used for Update Diff?
    1. Issue 583 isn't a problem anymore. I don't know when that changed, relative to the bug, but certainly my patches are verified. Probably happened during some of the form fixes that went in during 1.5, but I feel like even 1.0.x does this. Maybe it was in a patch release there...
    2. Can we close issue 583, then?
      Change looks good.