Bring up an editor for --description if it's not supplied

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If there's no description, bring up an editor to allow the user to enter one.

If they specify an editor to use, do that. Otherwise look for EDITOR in the
environment and if all else fails default to vi if on UNIX (the most likely
editor to be on any system).

  1. BUMP
    Does this patch still apply?
    I'd like to see what chipx86 and trowbrds have to say about this feature :)
    1. I've updated the patch to apply against the current head.
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  1. A minor thing I noticed:
    line 2529 sys.stderr.write("check_for_abort requires prompt")
    shouldn't that read "abort_edit_continue requires prompt"?
    As for a default editor for windows:
    -"notepad" works with subprocess in XP, win7 and probably in everything else.
    -"C:\Program Files\Windows NT\Accessories\wordpad.exe" works in XP and probably in everything else (by default in XP wordpad's location is not in the PATH variable, but it is in Win7).
    -There is a non-gui editor "edit" in windows XP (not in later versions), which is called from commandline, however I haven't had any success accessing it from python.
    To be robust I guess we'd need to add some way to find a program's path on a windows box, but I don't know how to do that using python.