Improve contrast for sidebyside diffs

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Change the highlighting for the actual change in a line from a yellow that's not too different from the yellow line that denotes a change to purple so it stands out

  1. Can you submit a screenshot?
    1. Done
    2. Does this look ok to you?
    3. I'll be honest, I'm not wild about the color change. I think there's too much contrast. The nice thing about the darker yellow is that it wasn't too dark and yet didn't distract too much, which I feel the purple does.
      This is something that might be better as a local modification.
      I'd like to see what others think of it though.
    4. I'm also interested in others thoughts.
      We chose the purple exactly because it's distracting. People were missing small changes because there wasn't enough contrast and after a couple of critical bugs went past we changed it.
      I'd be open to other color suggestions though, but I think the darker yellow is just too close.
    5. I like the purple better - small changes like this can easily slip by in a big block of code. On the other hand if there are a LOT of changes in a small area it may be too much noise... can it be toned down to the same brightness as the yellow but still a very different hue so it stands out but doesn't overpower in that situation? A few cropped screenshots to show the effect of different colour schemes in 'one small diff'/'many diffs' situations might help to gain acceptance.
      It definitely shouldn't be any stronger than the purple - the text should always be the most definite element on the page - I've seen some horrible gaudy diff tools that you could only look at through sunglasses...
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