Fix syntax highlighting issues and improve presentation in comment tooltips.

Review Request #13936 — Created June 4, 2024 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded


Review Board


The comment tooltips shown in reviewable content was inheriting the dark
mode styling for syntax-highlighted code in comments, which clashed with
the forced light-mode colors of the tooltip.

We now force the Ink theme to light mode on these tooltips, ensuring we
get the colors we expect.

While here, I made the tooltips a bit more readable. The style for these
hasn't changed since Review Board 1.0. To just aid in readability some,
and fix some regressions, I've added some standard padding along the
tooltip, fixed the code blocks to align with the rest of the text, and
decreased the line height so that there aren't huge gaps. There's also
a minimum width set.

I had also noticed that we had overridden a CSS variable for syntax
highlighting within the reviews CSS. This has been removed, ensuring
we're always using the theme.

Created some tooltips with paragraph content and syntax-highlighted
content. Made sure that they looked correct.

Verified that Python's self was no longer black in a code block when
in dark mode, and instead used the syntax highlighting theme.