Fix issues publishing when there are multiple groups with ACLs.

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We've had a few reports of users who had problems publishing reviews or
replies, and it seems like the cause is duplicate entries being returned
by our accessible object queries used by the batch endpoint. We'd then
do a length comparison to make sure that the length of the fetched
result was the same as the length of the requested set of objects to
publish, and fail with a very unhelpful message. This is most easily
triggered by having multiple invite-only review groups assigned to a
review request.

This change fixes the problem by using Django's in_bulk() method to
aggregate the results by PK. This handles deduplication without having
to add DISTINCT to the query, which can cause performance problems in
big databases on MySQL.

A new unit test has been added which failed with the reported error
before the change, and passes after.

  • Manually tested on both SQLite and MySQL. Saw that it failed before
    the change and succeeded afterward.
  • Ran unit tests.