Improve JSON typing by including Mapping/Sequence variants.

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The new JSON typing introduced in Djblets 3.3 worked fine if exclusively
working with JSONValue, JSONDict, JSONList, or simple primitives
(like int or bool). However, trying to assign an
otherwise-compatible Dict or List (such as a Dict[str, str] or
List[int]) would result in typing errors.

This was due to the mutability of the type. A Dict[str, str], for
example, cannot be assigned as a JSONDict, because a JSONDict should
be able to set any JSONValue as a value, and that would violate the
type of a Dict[str, str]. Same with lists.

The solution to this is to accept a Mapping and Sequence. These are
both immutable types, and from a typing perspective, there's no risk to
storing the wrong value there. In part, this is because we already can't
deeply key into a nested JSONDict without casting at each level
anyway, since a value could be any supported JSON type. So once we've
stored it, it's up to the callers to validate types anyway (and at this
complexity, we're wanting to represent structures as TypedDicts and/or
sanity-check values).

The new JSONDictImmutable and JSONListImmutable provide this typing
option. They're part of the JSONValue union, allowing type checkers to
check against them when assigning a Dict or a List.

Going forward, we'll want to aim to use Mapping, Sequence,
Iterable, and other more generic immutable types over Dict and
List any time we're accepting a value we don't plan to modify, to
avoid the sort of problems we've uncovered with our JSON types.

Encountered this issue with in-progress code. Verified that the this
addressed all issues.

Played around a fair amount with creating and typing deeply-nested
JSON data from dicts and lists containing compatible values, and
verified that pyright and mypy were happy.