Fixes bug in "New Review Request" form submission

Review Request #1295 — Created Dec. 6, 2009 and submitted


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Version: 1.1 alpha 2

This diff fixes a bug in the "New Review Request" page.  Upon submission of valid form input on this page, the page is reloaded without any indication to the user that anything happened.  If the user goes to his "Outgoing Reviews", however, she will notice there is a new Draft (note, though, that the Draft will not have the user's diff attached).

I tracked this bug down to 2 places:
1) In reviews/, there is a call to diffviewer_forms.UploadDiffForm's __init__() with incorrect arguments.  This raises a TypeError.
2) This TypeError is being suppressed in reviews/, where there is a try-except block that catches all exceptions.

My diff fixes the number of arguments in the call to diffviewer_forms.UploadDiffForm's __init__() and specifies 2 types of errors to be caught in the try-except block (so that other types of exceptions will be raised).
I tested on my local installation (1.1 alpha 2).
  1. Thanks! Committed as r1e871e3