Customizablility of modal boxes.

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Chris Trimble
This is a small change to djblets that allows us to easily change the class of a modal box.  This allows reuse of existing tech for reviewboard rather than integrating thickbox into our help system.  See screenshot below for example (implementation of exact dialog will be added to request 1281 )
Local against mainline djblets + change and mainline reviewboard.
Christian Hammond
  1. Looks good. One small thing.
  2. djblets/media/js/jquery.gravy.js (Diff revision 1)
    Can you insert these in the list such that the entire set of options are alphabetical?
Chris Trimble
Chris Trimble
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with working code this time!  (commas)


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Christian Hammond
  1. Thanks Chris. Looks good.
    Should I credit Hussain Bohra on all these changes?