Fix linting in CodeMirror.

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The updates for pulling in CodeMirror and other libraries from
node_modules were a little bit incomplete, with the shipped copy of
jsonlint not being 100% compatible with CodeMirror. Christian had begun
to add an adapter to properly interface the parse method, but that file
never made it. This was first apparent in a test failure with our
bundles, but the "My Account" page wasn't doing linting correctly.

I've added in the (missing) jsonlint/index.ts file, which re-exports
jsonlint with a parse() method that's compatible with CodeMirror.

Once we had the linter adapter in place, I noticed that even though
linter errors were getting through to CodeMirror, they weren't showing
up in the editor. The problem was that we had an older version of the
CodeMirror CSS shipped inside our lib/css/ directory, and that didn't
include the right rules for the linter gutter. Rather than just copy
over the newer versions, I've changed it so we include node_modules in
our include path, and added a new 3rdparty.less file that explicitly
imports CSS from node_modules packages. This way when we update our
dependencies, we'll pull in new CSS files automatically.

  • Opened the "My Account" page and saw that if I put in broken JSON for
    a custom API token, that I correctly saw the error icon in the linter
  • Ran tests in reviewboard/