Update rb-site to generate configurations for different web servers.

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We used to generate configuration files for different Apache and
lighttpd server combinations, but over time we consolidated onto
Apache + mod_wsgi. This made sense at the time, but since then, the
world of Python web servers has changed.

We now generate a number of sample configurations for users:

  • Apache + mod_wsgi
  • Nginx + Gunicorn
  • Nginx + uWSGI

These all live in $sitedir/conf/webconfs/.

Each of these are documented, with commented-out options for common
configurations. For example, the Apache and Nginx configurations all
have details on enabling SSL, and the mod_wsgi section has a section on
daemon mode.

These are all auto-generated, so there's no need to select an option
when creating the site. The existing advanced option for the web server
is now deprecated and unused, and advanced mode no longer prompts about
the web server.

This change also fixes an annoying warning when failing to write the
global site list file (which in most cases is not useful), and adds a
blurb at the end about referring to the documentation for SELinux

Generated site directories and tested each server combination, making
sure I could load Review Board.

Update rb-site to generate configurations for different web servers.
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