Other users' having started draft reviews are indicated.

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This change allows other users to see when a colleague has started a review draft.  A yellow DIV is automatically displayed at the top of a review to indicate that someone else is currently reviewing that change.

Hussain Bohra should be listed as a contributor if this code is accepted.  Thanks!
Tested on dev server against tip @ 47082a0 + diff.
  1. I'm on the fence about whether we should have a banner for this. I can see it as being useful, but since there's not much information you can get from it and there's no interactivity, having it persistent on the screen may be a waste of space. Think netbooks. Perhaps we should have this as just a thing on the review request box somewhere. Will need to think about it some more but we should play with ideas here.
    1. I agree, I'll see how long that will take to change.  Either I or Hussain will implement the other changes you requested below.  
    2. I like the idea of advertising this information on the existing review bar.  It might also be more accurate to say that "User X has pending comments" as opposed to "Reviews in Progress: User X".
  2. This should be in em, and will need to be tested with different font sizes, browser widths, and zoom levels.
    Not sure we really want to hard-code this though. We may want to stuff both banners inside of one container that's aligned to the very top instead.
  3. Can just be 3em.
  4. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 1)
    Should be on one line.
  5. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 1)
    Can combine these.
  6. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 1)
    Should wrap to < 80 characters. Might want to split this into two lines.
    Also, should be a blank line before the following if statement.
    I don't know that we need to call list(). It's more efficient to just keep it an iterator as long as possible.
  7. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 1)
    Should also be split up.
    Same comment about list()
  8. Should be in alphabetical order.
  9. No space before :
  10. The "," should be right up against the preceeding username.
  1. test
  2. Could, but then we have a screen width issue.
    What I'd rather see is something in one of the bottom corners (say, the right, though we'll need to make sure it plays well with the update notifications). Something the size of a tooltip, perhaps, that just says "4 people are reviewing this change." or something.
    However, again, it may not be useful enough to persist on the screen. I'd like to know what other people think there. It could just be a small, thin banner sitting right above the review request box.
    1. And yes, I know that the thumbnail is broken :( Looking into it.
  1. I like the new look. The padding should be more consistent with other boxes, but I think this looks much better.
  2. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 2)
    1. This is a production server. Please don't spam it with test comments. Use http://demo.reviewboard.org for that.
  3. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
  4. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
  5. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
  1. Sorry for the delays in these. Busy time of the year.
    While most of this looks good, there's a lot of style changes made to existing code that I want reverted. Mainly lines that were removed for no reason. Also, lots of trailing whitespace. I'd like to see these fixed up before it goes in.
  2. This line shouldn't be removed.
  3. All lowercase hex codes here.
  4. reviewboard/htdocs/media/rb/css/reviews.css (Diff revision 2)
    Two blank lines here instead of one.
  5. Don't remove this line.
  6. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 2)
    Don't remove this line.
  7. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 2)
    Trailing whitespace should be removed.
  8. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 2)
    Probably should just be "get_pending_reviews".
  9. reviewboard/reviews/managers.py (Diff revision 2)
    Should end with a period. Also, "ordered by user"
  10. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
    Trailing whitespace.
  11. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
    Don't delete this line.
  12. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
    Don't delete this line.
  13. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
  14. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
    Should be on one line.
  15. reviewboard/reviews/models.py (Diff revision 2)
    Trailing whitespace.
  16. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 2)
    Trailing whitespace.
  17. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 2)
    Don't delete this line.
  18. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 2)
    Should be inserted alphabetically in the list of variables. Should be "pending_reviews" though.
  19. reviewboard/reviews/views.py (Diff revision 2)
    Same here.
  20. Unnecessary change. Should revert this.
  21. This is never dynamically shown. Instead of changing the visibility with CSS, just wrap the entire thing in an {% if %}
  22. reviewboard/templates/reviews/review_header.html (Diff revision 2)
    Bad combination of spaces and tabs.
    Also, the method for indenting tags should be:
    {% for review in pending_reviews %}
    {%  if forloop..... %}
    {%  endif %}
    {% endfor %}
  23. {{review.user|user_displayname}}. No spaces.
  24. reviewboard/webapi/json.py (Diff revision 2)
    Revert this change.
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