Fix some regressions with recent form styling.

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The recent form styling fixes ended up causing neighboring some
neighboring form rows to be squashed together in some cases, and nested
fieldsets to have too much additional padding. Help text also got
squashed a bit with neighboring fields.

This was caused by a few things:

  1. Some assumptions that the first and last form rows in a fieldset
    should have their padding trimmed.

  2. Usage of padding instead of margin in places, which contributed
    to extra unwanted padding.

  3. Always applying padding to the top and bottom of
    .rb-c-fieldset__fields, even when nested.

This has been addressed by switching to margin in several places,
restoring top/bottom spacing for field rows and collections of fields in
all cases, and then ensuring that subforms don't have padding or margins
in their subform-level `__fields`` container (if present).

Went through every settings page and subform, various database pages
(repository, user, webhook, review groups, default reviewers), and the
My Account pages, checking for consistency in presentation.

There are still cases where the larger form row padding is less than
ideal (groups of checkboxes, for example), but that would have to be
solved separately.

Fix some regressions with recent form styling.

  1. Ship It!
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